North Texas Mother Charged After Deaths of Toddlers in Hot Car

The days are getting hot in Texas, and we have a sad story regarding the deaths of two toddlers. North Texas mother, Cynthia Marie Randolph, was found guilty of the May 26 deaths of 1-year-old Cavanaugh Ramirez and 2-year-old Juliet Ramirez after she left them in a hot car. According to police, Randolph said she locked her two young children in the car for a few hours to “teach them a lesson” after her daughter got out of the car without permission. She could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison for two second-degree felony counts. Unfortunately, cases like…

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Signs of Daycare Abuse

Parents today are even busier with their professional lives than ever before. With single parent arrangements and both parents working, children are often left at daycare centers during work hours. Although the U.S. law requires all daycare centers and the people working there to be licensed and certified, reports of abuse and neglect are abundant throughout the country. Newspapers are full of horror stories about how children suffer life-changing abuse at daycare centers but it is rare to see a guide on how you can detect abuse before it is too late. It is important for parents to be on…

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Understanding Daycare Abuse Cases

As any parent would attest to, children are the most precious and vulnerable members of society and deserve to be looked after and cared for. Because most parents have to hold a full-time job in order to be able to support their family, they must entrust their child to a daycare center or child care professional. All childcare providers and daycare center workers have the legal and moral responsibility to ensure proper care and protection for the children they are tasked with watching. When this does not happen, devastating, life-changing injuries may take place. Even though all daycare centers are…

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