As any parent would attest to, children are the most precious and vulnerable members of society and deserve to be looked after and cared for. Because most parents have to hold a full-time job in order to be able to support their family, they must entrust their child to a daycare center or child care professional. All childcare providers and daycare center workers have the legal and moral responsibility to ensure proper care and protection for the children they are tasked with watching. When this does not happen, devastating, life-changing injuries may take place. Even though all daycare centers are licensed and inspected by the state, accidents can happen and caretakers can be negligent in the care they provide for the children they have been entrusted with. If your child has sustained an injury or is the victim of daycare abuse, please contact an attorney from Rad Law Firm today. We understand how difficult and emotionally challenging these types of cases can be, which is why we encourage you to let a personal injury attorney from our law firm do the hard part for you.

Common Types of Daycare Abuse Injuries

Here is a look at some of the most common types of daycare injuries that we have seen children sustain in daycare centers:

  • Electrocution
  • Poisoning
  • Falling
  • Counselor abuse
  • Injuries from defective toys
  • Injuries from lack of supervision
  • Loss of an eye
  • Struck by a vehicle
  • Choking on food
  • Falling down the stairs

Attorneys at Rad Law Firm care about you and your children and are committed to making sure justice is served if your child has been injured while under the care of a professional child care provider.

How to Determine if You Have a Daycare Abuse Case

When evaluating an injury to determine if the daycare center took the appropriate steps or was instead negligent, the following factors will need to be considered:

  • The cause of injury or how the injury occurred. If your child was injured because of inadequate supervision, negligence, or outright abuse by a daycare employee, you may be able to file a claim and seek legal recourse.
  • The nature of the injury and whether or not it was foreseeable. If the circumstances in which your child was injured at a daycare center were preventable, you may be able to hold those charged with taking care of your child responsible. Some examples of foreseeable incidents include the following:
    • A child was injured after falling from playground equipment
    • A child was injured because of unsanitary conditions
    • A child was injured after tripping over an object or toy

In many instances, these types of cases can be difficult to prove. Due to the sensitive nature of daycare abuse clients, it is recommended that you have a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer from Rad Law Firm by your side. Our attorneys will investigate your case and determine who is at fault for your child’s injuries. To find out more about our services or how to proceed with a daycare abuse case, please call our law firm today. We care about you and your family and are prepared to do whatever it takes to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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