How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

Motorcycle Safety is Extremely Important During Summer Nice weather and bright, sunny skies are finally here! While this is a favorite time for many Texas residents, it can also be dangerous for motorcyclists. Depending on where you live in the Lone Star State, you may have just gotten your bike out of the garage for the first time. Dusting off the cobwebs and getting out onto the open road is a favorite hobby for many, but it is important proper safety precautions are taken to avoid motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are inherently dangerous, as they are often difficult for other drivers…

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The Importance of Motorcycle Safety in Texas

With warmer weather just around the corner, there is no better time than the present to talk about the importance of motorcycle safety. With Spring temperatures come more and more riders taking their motorcycles out for a spin on the beautiful Texas roadways. However, motorcycles also come with inherent dangers, especially on the busy highways and streets of the Lone Star State. In fact, motorcycle accidents remain a serious problem in Texas, resulting in hundreds of injuries and deaths every single year. Unlike the occupants of motor vehicles, motorcyclists face a much higher risk of being involved in a serious…

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle comes with inherent dangers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain things you can do to make each adventure a little safer. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we see devastating accidents take place on a regular basis throughout the Dallas metro area. In many cases, these accidents are caused by negligent or distracted drivers who do not take the time to look for others on the road - including motorcycles. Other accidents are caused by poor decision-making, bad weather, and impaired drivers. Regardless of the cause of the accident, serious, life-threatening injuries are often the result. While we…

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