Parents today are even busier with their professional lives than ever before. With single parent arrangements and both parents working, children are often left at daycare centers during work hours. Although the U.S. law requires all daycare centers and the people working there to be licensed and certified, reports of abuse and neglect are abundant throughout the country. Newspapers are full of horror stories about how children suffer life-changing abuse at daycare centers but it is rare to see a guide on how you can detect abuse before it is too late. It is important for parents to be on the look out for signs of abuse as children often do not if speak up if they are being abused.

It is important to monitor your child’s behavior closely if he/she attends childcare as it can explain how your child is being treated. Looking out for the following signs can help you

  • Unusual mood swings
  • Developing a fear of certain people, places or activities
  • Sudden aggressive behavior
  • Interest in sexual matters
  • Sudden sleep problems
  • Suddenly becoming unhappy about attending daycare
  • Regressive behavior like being too quiet or displaying anxiety through behavioral changes like biting nails or clinging

Parents should observe these signs for a few days and then consult their child’s pediatrician about them. Doctors are often good at analyzing behavioral changes and can advise you on whether they suspect abuse. Keeping in touch with other parents at the daycare is another great way to know if other children are being exposed to a similar environment as your child. Besides abuse, signs of neglect should also be kept in mind. Some daycares might not be taking adequate safety measures around children. For example, a childcare provider was arrested for putting a baby to sleep in a broken crib, which resulted in the baby’s death. Make sure you take a look around the daycare (often) when you go to pick up your child to have an idea of the environment the child is in.

The time a child spends at daycare can be some of the most impressionable hours of his/her day. If they are spent under the care of negligent and abusive caretakers your child can suffer from physical and mental illnesses that can affect their whole lives. If you think your child has suffered at the hands of a childcare center, you should immediately report abuse and contact your child’s pediatrician to discuss your concerns. It is your right to hold your daycare responsible for the abuse inflicted on your child and therefore, you should reach out to a daycare abuse lawyer who is experienced and passionate about getting you the justice you deserve. Rad Law Firm has a daycare abuse legal team that helps their clients gather evidence, prepare for court and represents them in the best way possible. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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