Salvador Trevino, Jr. Injured in Car Accident in S.W. Lubbock County

A man was seriously injured following a two-vehicle collision in S.W. Lubbock County near the Hockley County line on Wednesday.

Department of Public Safety said the accident occurred at about 6 p.m. when Salvador Trevino, Jr., 54, of Lubbock, ran into the back of a tractor.

He was heading west on US 62/82 near FM 1585 when his truck hit the blade on the back of the tractor, which was also heading west on the shoulder of the road.

Trevino says he did not see the tractor because the sun blinded him.

Trevino is transported to UMC with serious injuries.

The tractor driver, Abraham Gunther, 42, of Brownfield, was uninjured.