Rad Law Firm Continues Its Investigation Into the Shooting of Victor Avila, Jr., Gun Walking and Its Consequences.

On February 15, 2011, ICE Special Agents Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila, Jr. were stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. They were following Orders to pick up boxes of equipment which required them to travel on Highway 57. Mexico Highway 57 is known to be patrolled and controlled by a notorious and ruthless drug cartel known as “Los Zetas”. Ignoring a Written Directive specifying the extraordinary dangers of this area and the concerns expressed by several agents, the supervisors required Jaime and Victor to make this dangerous trip.
After picking up the equipment near San Luis Potosi, Agents Zapata and Avila began their return trip.  During their return trip, Agents Avila and Zapata were forcibly stopped by cartel gunmen and ambushed. The gunmen fired into the vehicle, severely wounding Agent Avila and mortally wounding Agent Zapata.

Rad Law Firm was retained to represent the survivor of the attack, Agent Victor Avila. Upon an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Zapata’s death and Avila’s injuries, it was discovered that the guns used in the attack were effectively provided to the Zetas by the U.S. Government. We believe the U.S. Government is liable to Victor Avila, Jr. for the damages he and his family have suffered and continue to suffer.

La trágica historia del agente Jaime Zapata asesinado con un arma de ‘Rápido y Furioso