Rad Law Firm Announces Successful Collection in Police Chase Accident

Deadly AccidentOur client was slammed into by a truck, while driving his cement truck, causing his truck to topple over. The incident occurred after an high-speed police chase involving a suspected burglar.

At about 5:30AM on March 16th, Terry Arthur was pulled over by police. Initially resisting arrest, allegedly reaching for a weapon in the back of his truck and even trying to grab the officer’s gun, the suspect ran back to his truck to zoom off.

The suspect consequently ran red lights, driving faster than 100 miles per hour. The chase came to an end when the suspect found our client’s cement truck on his path, the violent crash subsequently crushed his own truck, whereafter he died in the hospital of injuries sustained in the crash.

Luckily our client did not sustain any severe injuries. Even though the culprit had died, our team of personal injury attorneys managed to collect on the policy limits of the deceased’s insurance.

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