Rad Law Firm Announces Investigation into Recurring Escalator Accidents at DFW International Airport

Busy airports can be a dangerous place.  Airport escalators are especially dangerous when entering the airport during peak hours and the addition of luggage, strollers, and various other items only serve to increase the danger of falling or getting caught in the many moving parts of an escalator.

Thousands of people are forced to visit the emergency room every year because of escalator injuries. Crowded escalators aren’t the only source of personal injuries—inadequate maintenance can also lead to injuries. Shoelaces can get tangled up, abrupt stops can send people tumbling down.  Severe injuries and even death are real possibilites.

One of the primary tasks in an escalator case is establishing who owns the property and who is responsible for proper maintenance and inspection.  Rad Law Firm is currently investigating the many recurring escalator accidents at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Having experience litigating against DFW Airport, as well as pending escalator cases against DFW Airport and others, Rad Law Firm is in an unique position to handle your escalator accident related injuries.

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