Holidays such as Christmas and July 4th and game days are usually times when a lot of people throw parties and many people go out for food and beverages. Most parties with adult’s feature bars that offer alcohol and indefinitely alcohol is served at most restaurants/bars. People are supposed to be responsible drinkers at all times, especially if they are planning on getting behind the wheel. Sometimes one drink too many can result in anything but good decisions. Servers of alcohol also have a legal responsibility to serve alcohol in controlled quantities and to be vigilant about who they are serving alcohol to. There have been instances in Texas where individuals, who were intoxicated, have sued a bar for over serving alcohol that resulted in an accident that caused injuries. Such legal action can be taken under certain circumstances. In Texas you can file a lawsuit against the alcoholic beverage provided if you have proof that

  • It was clear to the provider of the drink that the individual being served is intoxicated and may pose a danger to themselves or to other people
  • The intoxication of the individual, who was served alcohol, was the direct cause of the damages caused/suffered.

The need to sue bars or party hosts for over-serving also arises in cases where an individual (who has over consumed alcohol) hurts another person in a car accident, in a brawl or otherwise. The person may have bodily injuries and significant financial losses that are life altering for them. Determining as many liable parties for the injured person as possible is important. Insurance policies are usually not enough to cover damages and can leave a person without much to fall back on. More responsible parties (that can be included in the case) as defendants, increase the chances of recovering losses.

Proving that damages suffered were a direct result of alcohol consumption can be difficult. Collecting relevant witness accounts is also paramount to presenting a strong case. Moreover, if alcohol providers employ trained and certified servers, it can be difficult to hold them accountable. It is highly recommended that if you or a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of a host or alcohol serving bar/restaurant, that you take your case to an experienced attorney who can collect sufficient evidence on your behalf. Rad Law Firm has experience in accidents due to serving alcohol in Dallas, Tarrant, Travis, Harris and Brownsville, Texas. Our attorneys passionately believe in getting their clients the compensation they need to be as independent as they believe they can be. Contact Rad Law Firm today to request a free legal consultation with one our attorneys.

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