John Wilkins And Jeanette Wilkins Killed In Oak Cliff Wreck

A two-vehicle crash in West Oak Cliff early Monday morning claimed two lives and injured four, including a pregnant woman and a child.

Just before midnight on Sunday, a GMC Terrain carrying five people was stopped at a red light on the 3700 block of W. Davis St. when a Hyundai Santa Fe ran a red light and rear-ended the SUV.

Two passengers of the GMC died from injuries sustained in the accident. They were identified as John Wilkins, 55, and Jeanette Wilkins, 57.

According to witnesses, one of the passengers was a pregnant woman, who they said had her leg severed.

The other two adults injured were Christina Mayes, the driver and Dalronshay Mayes. The child was not named and was taken to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

The driver of the Hyundai, Aaron Henry, 25, had an injury to his wrist and was treated at Baylor University Medical Center.

When questioned by the police, they “detected the strong odor of alcohol coming from the suspect.”

Henry told police he had had two beers with a friend earlier in the day.

He has been charged with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.