Immigrant Teens Irafasha Vestina And Violette Ntawurusimba Killed In Apparent Hit and Run

Two female refugee teenagers were killed in an apparent hit and run accident on Sunday.

The victims were identified as Irafasha Vestina, 14, and Violette Ntawurusimba, 13.

At about 8 p.m. Sunday, the girls were walking to Irafasha’s home after having dinner with her brother when a pickup truck hit them.

The driver, 19-year-old Gillermo Flores, initially fled the scene but his family turned him in to the police.

Flores was jailed Tuesday on $100,000 bond on two counts of causing an accident involving death. No lawyer was listed for him.

Police ruled out alcohol as the cause of the accident.

The girls’ families in the Texas Panhandle mourned the loss of their teenage daughters. They had both fled political unrest in Tanzania years before. The girls became friends last year in Amarillo. The girls attended the same middle school and sang together in a local church choir.

A local community organization was trying to raise money to help the families pay funeral expenses.