Good Samaritans Killed on I-35 Identified

Authorities have identified the two people who were killed while trying to help victims of a crash early Monday on I-35.

Hector Cordoba and Emma Alcudia were hit and killed by a tanker truck that barreled into the scene of a wrong-way accident on I-35 South.

After witnessing the wrong-way accident on I-35 South, Hector Cordoba, a bus driver from Laredo, stopped his bus on the side of the road to get out and help. A woman who works in a nearby rest stop, Emma Alcudia, ran to the accident to aid the victims.

But a tanker truck barreled into the scene of the accident and hit the two Samaritans and instantly killed them.

The wrong-way driver who caused the initial wreck was also killed.

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