What You Should Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

By Rad Law Firm | Jun 08, 2018

Slip and fall accidents happen all the time. While many people associate these types of accidents with inclement weather during the colder months, slip and fall incidents represent 41 percent of all preventable injuries in the United States. Most people will be involved in a slip, trip, or fall accident at some point in their lives. In most cases, these types of accidents won’t be the fault of the victim. Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. Slip and fall accidents occur when an individual is injured due to falling down, slipping, or tripping on government, private, or…

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Is Uber Reducing Drunk Driving?

By Rad Law Firm | May 29, 2018

With the prevalence of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, it seems only natural that our nation's drunk driving statistics would decrease, right? Unfortunately, it's not as straightforward as that. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject, several of which have differing results. While Uber has partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and states on its website that rideshare services "are helping to curb drunk driving," researchers say this correlation isn't across the board. According to several different studies, Uber has led to a decline in drunk driving, but only in certain cities. In one independent study, researchers…

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Teen Driving Laws in Texas

By Rad Law Firm | May 18, 2018

As is the case in many other states, Texas has specific laws geared towards teen drivers. For example, teenagers are subject to graduating driving privileges, which means that, as they get older, they are given more driving freedom and subject to fewer driving restrictions. This multi-stage process of teaching teens how to drive is designed to give them the practice and tools they need to safely navigate the roads when they come of age. Through this system, Texas teens gain exposure to various complex driving situations, easing them into full-time driving over the course of a year. Given how dangerous…

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5 Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

By Rad Law Firm | May 11, 2018

Summer is almost officially here, which means adults and kids alike will be hitting the swimming pool. Whether you have a pool in your backyard or you hang out at the local neighborhood pool, it’s important to educate yourself and your loved ones about how to stay safe. Unfortunately, swimming pool accidents happen all the time in Texas, resulting in devastating injuries and death. When it’s hot out, there is nothing better than relaxing in the pool and cooling off. However, swimming pools can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 3,500…

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Pedestrian Deaths Remain at 25-Year High

By Rad Law Firm | May 08, 2018

A recent report indicates that U.S. pedestrian deaths reached nearly 6,000 in 2017 for the second straight year. This is an alarming number that highlights how dangerous distractions have become - for drivers and walkers alike. While they are still researching the top causes of pedestrian deaths, experts point to smartphones and other distractions as key factors in the unfortunately deadly trend. Not only is texting while driving extremely dangerous, but texting while walking, too. Countless pedestrian deaths can be attributed to walkers not paying attention to their surroundings, focused on their cell phone, instead. According to the Governors Highway…

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What Most People Don’t Know About Brain Injury Cases

By Rad Law Firm | Apr 30, 2018

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every single year. These injuries range from mild concussions to serious contusions or long-term complications. In most cases, TBI happens as a result of a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. If an object penetrates brain tissue, it can also lead to TBI. In the event someone suffers a TBI as the result of another person’s negligence, compensation is deserved so the victim can pay their medical bills and make up for any lost wages. These…

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Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

By Rad Law Firm | Apr 26, 2018

Truck accidents are often deadly and come with serious repercussions for those involved. One of the reasons truck accident litigation is so complicated is because of the number of parties who can be held liable for the accident. Even if an accident takes place because of negligence or distraction on the part of the truck driver, he or she may not be liable. Going up against a big trucking company can be intimidating, to say the least. Not only do these companies have money on their side, but they will do everything they can to silence the other parties and…

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Tips on How to Avoid Car Accidents in Dallas

By Rad Law Firm | Apr 23, 2018

Our society has become incredibly reliant on cars, they get us safely from point A to point B, after all. Or do they? In recent years we have seen an alarming increase in the number of car accidents that take place. While many are minor fender benders, others are serious and result in devastating injuries or death. These massive metal machines are filled with flammable liquid, and often those you love the most. Keeping your passengers, yourself, and all other drivers on the roads safe is something we all want, but it isn’t always as easy as that. Texas highways…

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Texas Car Accident Statistics

By Rad Law Firm | Apr 08, 2018

Many Texas drivers can attest to the fact that the state’s highways are some of the most dangerous in the country. There are more than 675,580 miles of highway in Texas, so it should come as no surprise that serious, often fatal accidents take place all the time. I-35, I-20, and I-10, in particular, see accidents every single day - morning, afternoon, and night. The accident rate is so bad in Texas that the Lone Star state is commonly referred to as the “car accident capital of America”. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), an estimated 3,500 people…

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5 Common Work Hazards

By Rad Law Firm | Mar 30, 2018

There are many different factors that can contribute to how safe - or dangerous - a given workplace is. In order to cultivate a safe work culture, you must plan ahead and consider a wide range of possibilities. While some industries are inherently more dangerous than others (such as construction), accidents can happen at any time and any place. The Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) is in place in order to ensure employees are provided with a workplace that is free from hazards, but this does not always take place. We understand why many accidents and injuries occur in the…

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