Because of the complexity of medical malpractice litigation, it can often be difficult to determine who truly is responsible for the medical negligence. Hospitals and surgeons and physicians, usually don’t all go hand-in-hand when it comes to various malpractice policies, because they are not all under the same insurance. It is very common that no one will want to take the blame for a medically related mistake, and it will be a back and forth battle of the doctor blaming the hospital and/or the staff, and the hospital and/or staff blaming the doctor.
The following hospital negligence injuries may be reason to contact a personal injury attorney in Fort Worth or Dallas:

Inadequate evaluation and understanding of patient’s health records

Doctors and hospitals deal with a lot of patients, and sometimes that patient’s health records can get overlooked, misunderstood or miscommunicated. For example, a doctor could overlook a patient’s latex or penicillin allergy, this could lead to complications before, during, or after surgery.

Errors involving the emergency room or EMT

Emergency rooms are normally pretty packed, and the staff there must address a lot of different problems and emergencies at once, this can lead to carelessness, confusion, mix-ups, etc. Because EMTs and emergency rooms have to deal with such a vast variety of emergencies, sometimes a lack of experience can also play a role in an error.

Medication errors

Occasionally a doctor can be writing a prescription and incorrect labeling can occur, this can lead to patient medication mix ups and dosage errors, etc.

Failure of diagnosis

If a diagnosis is incorrect, this can lead to incorrect medication prescriptions, referrals, unnecessary surgery, and more.

Birth injuries

It’s important for a doctor to follow all the appropriate and necessary precautions when delivering a baby, as well as right after birth, the child needs to be accurately checked out before being released.

Laparoscopic surgery induced injuries

Laparoscopic surgery is of course less invasive, but it’s important that the doctor be extremely precise and be able to successfully perform said surgery if it truly can be taken care of by laparoscopic methods.

Inadequate medical therapy evaluations

When doctors, medical staff, and physicians hurry to evaluate a patient, they can make inadequate calls in terms of what is necessary to relieve a patient and get them back in healthy shape. It’s important that the right medical therapy solutions are provided so that a patient does not end up wasting time and money on something that is not actually helping them heal.

There is a time span as of a statute of limitations of two years preceding the date that the injury was or could have been discovered to file a medical malpractice case in court. In some cases, the date that the injury is discovered, is not the same day that the injury was inflicted. Texas’s statute of repose, states that regardless of when a medical malpractice-caused injury may have been discovered, it is required that a case must be brought within ten years of the date that the negligent act occurred.

It can be extremely scary to find yourself in one of the above situations. It is a complex process, and to get the proper compensation you deserve, you will probably need help. If you are looking for a medical negligence lawyer in Dallas, here at Rad Law Firm, we are passionate about helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today, and let us help you along in the healing process.

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