Earlier this month a Dallas man was arrested following a fatal three-car crash in which he blamed the Mexican food he ate on his dizziness, rather than the beers he was drinking while driving. According to the officer who administered the test, the man said he was dizzy and couldn’t stand up straight because he ate too much Mexican food. Julio Cesar Menendez-Guerrero was driving south on Westmoreland Road with two of his vehicle’s wheels on the curb when he ran a red light, hitting the car Andrea Rodriguez Perez was driving. Rodriguez’s vehicle was pushed into a third vehicle that spun across the intersection. Unfortunately, Rodriguez was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the other victim is expected to recover.

A witness said he was trying to help Rodriguez when Menendez intervened, telling him he “messed up and was worried” before fleeing the scene. Police soon found Menendez at his home, with his jeans covered in vomit. Menendez told police his brakes failed as he was heading home from work and that he was dizzy because he “ate too much Mexican food earlier”. The 24-year-old also admitted to drinking three beers while driving but claimed they were not a factor in the crash. Menendez is being charged with intoxication manslaughter, accident involving death, and accident involving injury.

Steps to Take After a Hit-and-Run Accident

Hit-and-run accidents are unfortunately common and often deadly. Just as we saw with the case above, the person who flees the scene of the accident is usually worried they will get in trouble for their actions, and they are right. Being involved in a car accident of any kind is stressful enough, let alone when someone leaves without making sure the other people involved are safe. In the event of a fatal accident like this one, there is no doubt that the person responsible will be held accountable. There are many different legal routes to pursue in these cases, including wrongful death. If alcohol was involved, as it was with Mr. Menendez, additional action can be taken. Let’s take a quick look at the steps to take following a hit-and-run accident in Dallas:

  • Write down the license plate number and any descriptions of the car, if possible
  • Call the police right away
  • Make sure no one is injured. If someone is hurt, get them medical attention right away
  • Talk to any witnesses and exchange information
  • Take pictures and notes of the scene
  • Contact an experienced hit-and-run accident lawyer

As the Dallas streets and highways continue to become congested, we only expect these types of unfortunate accidents to continue. If you have been involved in a hit-and-run or know someone who has, please contact Rad Law Firm today. Our dedicated Dallas personal injury lawyers are here to help you and will do everything we can to ensure justice is served. We have your best interests in mind and know what it takes to fight back in court following a hit-and-run accident.

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