Construction jobs are some of the most dangerous positions there are. Any personal injury lawyer in Dallas will warn that all too often injuries occur to workers on construction sites that could have been potentially avoided. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) there is one out of every ten construction workers injured each year. One of the biggest problems is a lack of safety regulations enforcement which is one of the leading causes that construction workplace accidents occur.

In 2012, Texas had 105 construction-related deaths. As Texas continues to grow and develop, it can be assumed that more construction sites mean even more accidents and deaths. Being aware of the most common types of construction accidents can help them be prevented. Keep reading to learn about these common construction place accidents.

  1. Falling Accidents
    Falling accidents are the number one most common fatal construction site incidents. In construction workplaces, there is often a lot of places to fall from such as, ladders, roofs, machinery, etc. It is important that all protocol is followed and that safety regulations are put into effect to avoid these often fatal incidents.
  2. Head injuries
    Head injuries are another common injury on construction sites. Falling debris or materials or workers slipping and falling, there are multiple cases of negligence that lead to construction head injuries. The wearing of a hard hat should be enforced whenever necessary.
  3. Cuts and lacerations
    While there is heavy machinery, saws, knives, and other sharp objects present in construction sites, often cuts and lacerations occur as a result of improper use.
  4. Slips and falls
    There is often uneven ground, misplaced material, etc., that leads to a slip and fall on the site. These often occur because of negligence.
  5. Electrocution
    Because of exposed wiring, unfinished circuits, etc., electrocution is another common injury in the construction workplaces.
  6. Falling debris
    Because of all that goes on in the construction workplace, there are often various materials being used or ones that are not properly put into place that can fall and injure nearby workers.
  7. Explosions and fires
    With the exposure to gas lines and open electrical outlets, it isn’t uncommon for accidental fires or explosions to occur on site and injure nearby workers.
  8. Overexertion
    Construction workers are required to work in all types of elements. Often dehydration and the Texas heat can lead to heat stroke. With overexertion, workers experience muscle strains, back problems, etc.
  9. Trench or building collapses
    During building or during demolition, structures can collapse on workers, causing major injuries or fatalities.

  10. Hearing loss
    There is a lot of loud machinery present on construction sites which can be very damaging to one’s hearing, especially if proper ear plugs are not worn.

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