School Zones are Always Busy and Full with Drivers and Pedestrians

Summer is coming to a close, like it or not. As August starts to wind down, back to school time inches closer and closer. Not only do school days bring an entirely different schedule to the lives of busy families, but they also lead to more congestion on the roads. From school buses picking up kids to children on bikes and those walking to school, it is incredibly important for all drivers to pay extra attention during the school year and follow school zone driving tips.

TxDOT is once again reminding drivers to be extra careful when navigating school zones, dropping kids off or picking them up, and when sharing the road with school buses. According to reports, nearly 1,000 car accidents took place in school zones in Texas in 2017, resulting in two deaths and 30 serious injuries. As is often the case, many of these accidents were preventable. The safety and well-being of you and your loved ones is important to us, which is why we want to focus today’s blog on back to school driving tips. By taking a few moments out of your day before school gets underway, you will be better prepared to ensure your child not only gets to school safely, but other kids do as well.

Smart Tips for Driving in School Zones 

To avoid injuring anyone this school year, please take the following tips into consideration when driving in school zones:

  • Pay attention to school zone signals.
  • Always obey the speed limits.
  • Slow down when entering a school zone.
  • Look for school buses that may be loading or unloading students.
  • Pay attention to the school crossing guard and obey any signals they give.
  • Put away your cell phone!
    • According to TxDOT, cell phones are banned in active school zones, and violators may be fined.
  • Keep an eye on any children gathered at bus stops.
  • Never get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

Share the Roads with Cyclists and Pedestrians

Not all children take the bus to school. In Texas, many students ride their bike or walk, putting them in danger. This is why it is of the utmost importance to be extra careful when driving during the school year. Watch for cyclists and pedestrians and slow your speed when passing these individuals.

Here are additional safety tips for children who bike or walk to school:

  • Cross the street at designated crosswalks only.
  • Walk on sidewalks when possible.
  • Look both ways before stepping off a bus or from behind a parked car.
  • Pay attention to and obey the crossing guards.
  • Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
  • Look for cars turning every direction.

Help make our schools safer by paying extra close attention when driving this school year. Whether you have kids in school or not, the above driving tips should help you do just that. If you have been involved in a Dallas car accident or if your child has been injured by another driver, please contact Rad Law Firm today.

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