Most of us would like to claim that we are not distracted drivers, and if we are, not only do we not want to admit it to anyone else, but in most cases, we don’t even want to admit it to ourselves. There are three different categorical types of distracted driving, they include visual (taking your eyes off of the road), manual (taking your hands off of the wheel), and cognitive (taking your mind off of driving). Some of us might not even realize that we are distracted drivers. Have you ever pulled into your driveway and then all of the sudden realized you barely even remember how you got there? This is an example of cognitive distracted driving. Driving becomes like second nature to a lot of us, and our thoughts take over and prohibit us from giving our full attention to the road.

We end up spending a lot of time in our vehicles these days, especially with rush hour traffic getting worse every year. With all the time that we spend in the car, many people find it hard to fight the urge to check our phones, etc. People find themselves making justifications for a text, talking on the phone, constantly changing the radio station, or even some, browsing through various social media platforms. “I only texted back one sentence”, or, “I was using my hands-free Bluetooth headset,” or, “I only looked down for a second,” or, “there was hardly any traffic on the road,” we know the excuses, and most of us are guilty of using them once or twice, but this doesn’t change the fact that there are laws that clearly are put into place to keep us from being distracted while we drive.

With the vast digital era that we have so quickly moved into, we are constantly surrounded by multiple distractions; as well as the temptations to utilize those various forms of distractions to multitask or to entertain ourselves while driving. We find ourselves to be very reliant on our smart phones for means of GPS services, various music apps, road/gas apps, and more, just for the sole purpose of driving. Although the use of digital devices is more often than not the reason for distracted driving, people find multiple other ways to distract themselves while driving, such as eating, reading, engaging in conversations with other passengers, trying to keep the kids under control, putting on makeup, and more.

Many drivers seem to think that they are different than other drivers, that somehow they stand out, and are above everyone else on the road, that multi-tasking while driving is fine for them, because they are good at it. But the truth is, no one can be ‘good’ at multitasking while driving, because no one can control the hazards on the road that can come up at any moment.

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