Car accidents happen on a regular basis and for a wide range of factors, including distracted driving. In recent years the number of accidents caused by distracted driving has risen drastically. This is due to numerous reasons, but namely because of how reliant we have become on our smartphones. People are constantly reading texts, talking on the phone, scrolling through Facebook, and performing other unsafe behaviors with their phones while navigating the streets. This is a serious, growing problem in our country that has caused many states to start implementing strict texting while driving laws. However, state lawmakers aren’t the only ones trying to curb this problem.

Apple recently unveiled a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature with the iOS 11 operating system. This allows people to activate the do not disturb feature every time they get behind the wheel, taking away the temptation to look at an incoming text message or email. The feature allows users to create a customized message that will be sent to anyone who sends the driver a text message. You can customize it to say something like, “I’m driving, I will return your message as soon as I get home” or anything else along those lines. You will know you have this mode on because there will be a pop-up on your locked screen that says “You will not receive notifications while you are driving”. This is a monumental move by Apple that speaks to just how serious driving while texting has become.

How it Works

In 2015, nearly 3,500 people were killed by a distracted driver and an additional 391,000 sustained serious injuries. These numbers continue to grow and highlight how dangerous it is to use your cell phone in any capacity while driving. When activated, Apple’s new feature will be able to tell if you are in the car when your phone is hooked up to your vehicle’s USB connection or Bluetooth. It will also rely on the iPhone’s internal sensors to determine your speed, which is helpful if your phone is not connected while you are driving. This means that you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn on the do not disturb feature every time you get into your car.

This is an important move for both Apple and our population, as it may be able to prevent at least some car accidents caused by distracted drivers. While there are tons of different ad campaigns out there highlighting the dangers of even taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds to read a text, a large majority of people still do just that. Accidents can literally take place in the blink of an eye and it is absolutely imperative that we start recognizing this and take better care when driving. As Dallas car accident attorneys, we represent victims of car accidents on a regular basis, many of whom sustained injuries or lost a loved one because of another driver who was on their phone. This cause is near and dear to our heart and we believe in supporting movements that are designed to keep people safe while out on the roadways. If you have an iPhone and weren’t aware of this new feature with iOS 11, we encourage you to update your software and try it out. No message is important enough to read or respond to while driving. Join us in doing your part to keep you, your loved ones, and all other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists safe while driving by using this do not disturb feature and focusing your efforts on driving.

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