The quickest way to get into a rental car after an accident.

Was your car was damaged in an accident and it was not your fault?

The at fault driver’s insurance company should pay your rental car costs.

Here is how that process works:

  1. The at fault Insurance company has the right to investigate the claim and may not offer you a rental car during that investigation time-frame.
  2. In that case; check your insurance policy to determine if you have rental car coverage.
  3. If you do have rental car coverage, call your insurance company and tell them you are not at fault but want to rent a car under your policy.
  4. Your Insurance company is responsible to seek reimbursement from the at fault driver’s insurance.
  5. Your insurance company will recover the expenses related to this rental.

If you do not have rental insurance on your policy you have 2 choices to get into a rental car quickly:

  1. Wait for the at fault driver’s insurance company to do their investigation.
  2. Pay out of pocket with the intention of seeking reimbursement.

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