E-Cigarettes are Currently Facing Several Ongoing Lawsuits

E-cigarettes, also referred to as e-cigs, vape pens, and personal vaporizers, have been in the news a lot as of late. Over the last several months, there have been more than 1,080 reported lung injury cases linked to the use of an e-cigarette. There have also been 18 deaths confirmed in 15 states. Many of the patients who have reported symptoms and been treated for the mysterious lung illness have been using illegal THC-containing and nicotine-containing liquids. However, this isn’t the first time e-cigs have come under scrutiny.

There have been numerous cases of exploding e-cig batteries since these vaping devices have gained popularity in the United States, specifically. Since first introduced to the U.S. market in 2007, they have become very mainstream. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that more than 30 million adults have used an e-cigarette at one time or another. But in recent years, e-cigs brands have been targeting a different demographic – teens.

At Rad Law Firm, we understand how serious a concern this is for parents and teenagers alike. We have been keeping a close eye on e-cig lawsuits and are prepared to take on your case today. Our personal injury lawyers are prepared to go over your case and help you figure out the next step. If your teen has displayed any of the symptoms of lung illness discussed below, or if you are the victim of an exploding e-cig battery, give Rad Law Firm a call today and schedule a free consultation.

Teens and E-Cig Use 

Today, the global electronic cigarette industry is worth a reported $7 billion. With more than 500 brands, including JUUL, Halo, and V2, it is predicted that the e-cig market will surpass traditional cigarette sales by 2022. As mentioned earlier, teens are the biggest demographic using e-cigarettes right now. This is for numerous reasons, from marketing efforts of these big tobacco companies (many of which have been named in ongoing lawsuits) targeting teens to e-cigs being “trendy.” JUUL Labs, in particular, accounts for 75% of all e-cig devices sold in the United States.

Here are a few other shocking statistics surrounding teens and e-cig use:

  • Teens are far more likely to use e-cigs than conventional cigarettes
    • 14% of 10th graders use electronic vaping devices, compared to 6.9% who admit to trying traditional cigarettes
  • Boys are twice as likely to use e-cigs than girls
  • 66% of teens think “just flavoring” is in their e-cig, while 13.7% do NOT know what the liquid contains
  • Advertising and marketing expose 7 in 10 teens to e-cigs
  • Teen e-cig users are more likely to start smoking within 6 months of trying vaping
  • The majority of e-cigs contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and can harm the adolescent brain
  • As we’ve learned through recent news stories and e-cig lawsuits, these devices contain many other harmful substances in addition to nicotine

Many teens refer to using e-cigarettes as vaping or even “JUULing,” showing just how popular the brand has become. The above statistics highlight how dangerous e-cigs are for teens, and what a huge industry it has become.

What are the symptoms of lung illness?

  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid breathing
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Other breathing problems 

Risk of E-Cig Use for Teens and Young Adults 

Not only is there a risk of e-cig batteries exploding, causing serious harm or death, but these devices also pose inherent risks to kids, teens, and young adults. Some of the risks include:

  • Brain damage – Developing brains are at a higher risk of the long-term effects of nicotine and other harmful substances found in e-cigarettes
  • Addiction – Nicotine is addictive, especially for youngsters. Because of this, young adults who start vaping early are more likely to get addicted than adults.
  • Behavioral problems – Kids or young adults who start vaping are more likely to use other tobacco products, including hookah, cigars, and smokeless tobacco.

The Dangers of Exploding E-Cigs 

A study published last year showed that there were 2,035 visits to emergency rooms between 2015 and 2017 alone for e-cig burns or other injuries caused by an exploding battery. This breaks down to about two visits a day over these three years. In many of the cases, people suffered severe injuries, such as loss of teeth, damage to the eyes, and losing parts of the face or roof of the mouth. And while this statistic is shocking in itself, experts believe it is a gross underestimate.

Not only have thousands of people been injured by faulty, exploding batteries, but at least two people have died from e-cig explosions, including a 24-year-old Texas man. The number of injuries and deaths that have occurred at the hands of exploding batteries is cause for concern, no doubt. But many of the lawsuits filed and investigations conducted have led us to faulty mechanisms. That is, not all vaping devices are dangerous. 

Some of the potential injuries from exploding e-cigs include:

  • Severe burns
  • Facial cuts, scraps, or lacerations
  • Broken teeth
  • Broken or injured neck
  • Facial fractures
  • Injuries to the mouth

E-Cigs in the News 

Like all electronic devices, e-cigs have their limitations. Various parts make up e-cigs, including a battery. It is e-cig batteries that are at the center of these explosion cases. Depending on the device, the battery can only withstand a certain amount of heat and power. If the manufacturers poorly construct the device, it could cause a malfunction or explosion. The majority of e-cig lawsuits filed thus far surround a lithium-ion battery.

Over the last several years, there have been numerous cases of exploding e-cigs, resulting in both serious injuries and death:

  • A Florida woman’s car burst into flames after her e-cig exploded
  • Another Floridian suffered internal burns after his e-cig exploded in his mouth
  • Hawaii man is seriously injured after an e-cig explodes in his mouth

These are just a few of the most recent e-cig battery explosion cases. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a faulty e-cig battery, or if you notice any symptoms that may be associated with lung illness, please contact Rad Law Firm today. We can handle your Dallas e-cig lawsuit and will do everything we can to ensure justice is served.

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