Chris Soules, who starred on The Bachelor in 2015, has been arrested for a hit and run accident, that led to the death of a 66-year-old tractor driver named Kenneth Mosher. From the driver’s seat of a pick-up truck, on April 24th, Soules rear-ended the tractor, sending it into a ditch, and then fled the scene. The victim, Kenneth Mosher, was later pronounced dead at Mercy Hospital in Oelwein. At the moment, Soules is being charged on account of ‘leaving the scene of a fatal accident’. About 5 hours after the crash, in Aurora, Iowa, Soules was arrested and booked into the Buchanan County Jail on said charges. If he is convicted, he could face up to 5 years in prison. Allegedly, Soules was not [and has continued to not be] ‘cooperative’ with law enforcement; as following the accident, officials were only able to attain him from his house after said officers acquired a search warrant. The accident occurred around 8 p.m., and it wasn’t until 1:16 a.m., that Soules was arrested; but before being taken into custody, he himself was also in need of medical attention. He is being held under a $10,000 cash bond, and according to news, Sheriff Wolgram stated that if he is granted release pre-trial, he will be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet, as well as surrender his passport. The case could still potentially take a turn though, as there was alcohol found on the scene that could be evidence that Soules was intoxicated when the accident occurred. Court records indicate that Soules, 35, has a history of driving violations involving alcohol. According to the Des Moines’ register, if it is announced that he was found guilty, Soules could face imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine of $7,500.


Hit and run accidents can have detrimental consequences, and they are more common than you might think. The truth of the matter is, people think they can escape the responsibility and consequences, as if it did not happen. But these things always seem to find their way back around. The biggest problem is when a driver leaves the scene of an accident which in turn results in major injuries or fatalities. Just because the driver goes away, it doesn’t make the problem go away. Here are some of the most common reasons a driver flees the accident scene:

  • The driver panics
  • The driver does not have insurance
  • The driver is on probation or already in trouble with the law
  • The driver does not have a license or is not legally permitted to be driving in the United States
  • The driver was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • The driver’s vehicle struck a cyclist, scooter, or a pedestrian

Not only will Chris Soules face the previously-mentioned consequences, but this accident will affect him in multiple aspects of his life thereby after. This type of incident can follow behind you for the rest of your life. If you’re in the area a have been involved in a such an incident, you may be in need of a hit and run accident attorney, or a Dallas personal injury lawyer. If so, here at Rad Law Firm, we can help. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us today, and let us help you get your life back in order.


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