Workers across many different industries put themselves at risk every single day, simply by going to work. While there are undoubtedly some industries that are inherently more dangerous than others, such as the construction and oil industries, it is important for all workers to ask themselves how safe their work environment is. Regardless of what steps you take to ensure your own safety on a daily basis, some things are out of your control and may put you at risk. In the event unsafe working conditions are present, it is imperative workers report any violations to their employer and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In some extreme cases, workers may refuse to work because of how dangerous his or her work environment is.

Regardless of what field they work in, all employees have the right to safe and healthy working conditions. According to OSHA, all employers must take the appropriate steps to keep the workplace safe and free of any potential safety hazards. If it is found the work environment is unsafe and could result in serious injury or death, the responsible party will be held accountable.

Understanding Your Employer’s Safety Obligations

 Making sure an environment is safe for workers rest on the shoulders of your employer, whether that is a private entity or large corporation. When an employer fails to ensure work conditions are safe and appropriate for everyone, you could be at risk. To better understand what we are talking about, let’s take a closer look at what your employer must do to create a safe workplace:

  • Reduce safety hazards on the job site
  • Let employees know if they are working with hazardous materials or anything else that may put them in danger
  • Provide employees with safety gear, special training, and anything else they need in order to perform their jobs safely
  • Keep records of any and all workplace injuries, deaths, and exposures to hazardous materials, toxins, or chemicals

If your employer fails to do any of the above and as a result puts you at risk, please contact Rad Law Firm today. Our Dallas workplace accident lawyers have years of experience representing individuals who have sustained injuries or lost loved ones because of dangerous work conditions.

What Are Your Rights?

 There are many different work environments that can put you at risk of serious harm, especially if your employer is not taking the steps to protect you. We encourage you to pay attention to your surroundings and if you notice anything that you think may be dangerous, bring it to the attention of your employer and/or OSHA. You are in charge of your safety and it is important you understand your rights. If you are at risk, you have various options, including filing a complaint with OSHA, refusing to work, and talking to your employer. You are protected under OSHA from being fired, disciplined, or any other negative actions if you complain about workplace safety. To learn more, please contact the Dallas workplace injury lawyers at Rad Law Firm right away.

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