As the modern age of technology continues to grow rapidly, so does our dependency on our smart phones. We live in an age where multi-tasking is prominently how we go about our day-to-day activities, and one of the most dangerous and common multi-tasking activities taking place is texting and driving. According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 4 automobile accidents is caused by texting and driving. These accidents add up to about 1,600,000 car wrecks per year, 330,000 injuries per year, and every day, 11 teens die as a result. Keeping in mind that many drivers would not admit to this being the cause of their accident, the numbers could actually be much higher than recorded.

Unfortunately, even after reading these statistics, many people will continue to text and drive. The reason being, is that so many of us, and especially teens, have the mindset that, “well, it won’t happen to me…” It is this stubborn human trait that has people believing that they are excluded from the numbers, that they are ‘good enough’ drivers to text and drive. This ignorance of imagined invincibility is why, despite attempts at creating awareness of the dangers, the statistics only continue to climb in numbers.

Many drivers don’t realize that it isn’t about being a good driver, but about the ability to respond to other drivers and hazards on the road. Regardless of the level of multi-tasking one deems themselves at, or their claimed superior driving abilities, what cannot be controlled is the unpredictable environment we are inevitably immersed in while driving. Although you might believe you are an expert at texting and driving, what about the 800,000 other drivers across the country who also believe that? With this life-threatening mentality, one might not take into account something such as the large percentage of pedestrians whom are also texting, making them 4x less likely to look before crossing the street. It only takes but-a-second of distraction to dull our awareness, and therefore elongate our response-time to a road hazard.

Many people are outwardly strongly opposed to drunk-driving, but shrug off texting and driving, when the reality is that texting and driving is about 6 times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated, and is the same as driving after 4 beers. Contrary to some beliefs, this is not limited to the physical act of being the text-er, but the act of reading the text while driving is equally inclusive. Would you close your eyes for 5 seconds while driving? If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be texting while driving either, as according to the VA. Tech Transportation Institute, they are one in the same.

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