Technology is forever changing the way we live, seemingly making things “easier” on us. While there is a constant wave of new devices hitting the market designed to streamline our everyday activities, the question remains – how safe are they? One of the hottest topics in this realm today is self-driving cars. As robots and advances in technology continue to make their way into our lives, it should come as no surprise that numerous companies (including Google) are introducing self-driving cars, seemingly taking out the human element and the risk of error. As self-driving cars become the larger percentage of vehicles on our roadways, the chances of an accident taking place will likely be reduced, right? Not so fast. Numerous studies indicate that self-driving cars may not be quite as safe as the developers would like us to think.

One of the main concerns in regards to self-driving cars is who is responsible in the event of an accident. Is it the manufacturer? The person riding in the self-driving car? The driver of the other, ‘traditional’ vehicle? As you can see, there are a lot of unknowns surrounding these tech-centric vehicles. While self-driving cars will undoubtedly take away mistakes made due to human error, technological issues are bound to pop up. While the experts claim the end of driving by humans is approaching, we question how realistic of a viewpoint that is.

What Does the Future Look Like with Self-Driving Cars?

While a future free of accidents sounds quite nice, reality is that the road ahead is bumpy. As long as both self-driving cars and cars driven by humans are sharing the road, there is simply no way we will eliminate all accidents. This means that the human factor is still there and something that cannot be ignored. Sure, there may be fewer accidents thanks to an influx of self-driving cars, but it’s safe to say that accidents will still take place.

There are other safety concerns when it comes to self-driving cars. People are excited about the prospect of technology taking over – especially when it comes to driving. However, more safety concerns are raised with the very idea of self-driving cars. The liability issue is undoubtedly a hot topic, but other concerns surround passengers. For example, are passengers going to feel safer in self-driving cars, and therefore stop wearing their seatbelts? Will pedestrians be at risk because they assume self-driving cars will stop thanks to technology? While these new vehicles are equipped with computers that are designed to stop the car and keep other drivers and pedestrians safe, we’ve yet to see how this will play out in the real world.

Self-driving cars are an exciting prospect in our world right now, but this does not mean that we should simply throw everything we’ve learned about car accidents and safety out the window. Accidents will still happen, and it is important you understand your rights. Liability is a major issue with self-driving cars that we are still figuring out. Our Dallas car wreck attorneys have spent countless hours researching liability with self-driving cars and are prepared to represent you in a court of law. To learn more about accidents involving self-driving cars, please contact Rad Law Firm today.

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