In August of this year, several of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone’s exploded around the same time, globally. Engineers at Samsung thought that the battery was the problem so they issued a recall for Galaxy Note 7 fitted with the old batteries and continued to ship out new Galaxy Note 7 phones fitted with batteries from a new supplier. Unfortunately, the solution was flawed and more reports of Galaxy Note 7 phones (fitted with new batteries) exploding came rushing in. That is when the South Korean company issued a recall for all Galaxy Note 7 devices. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that 92 cases of overheated batteries had been recorded, including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage.

Millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones are still owned and being used by Americans despite the warnings from the government and manufacturer. Reports of other Samsung smartphones exploding have also come in. A man from Winnipeg, Canada reported to have suffered severe burns from another model of Samsung Galaxy phones called the Galaxy S7. Amarjit Mann told a local news agency that his phone exploded in his hand while he was driving. He suffered burns on his hands and face and was unable to go back to work due to his injury. There have been several other reports of Galaxy S7 smartphones overheating and catching fire, however the manufacturer has not issued a formal warning/recall for these devices

The faulty product fiasco does not stop here for Samsung. CNBC reports that Samsung received 733 reports of excessive vibration or the top detaching from the body of Samsung’s top load washing machines. There have been nine reports of injuries, including a broken jaw. The manufacturer has recalled 34 models of top-load washing machines (around 2.8 million units) made between 2011 and 2016 and has been sued by several people who claimed that the machine has exploded while being used.

Although Samsung has offered a refund or replacement for the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, and has stopped production of the recalled smartphones and washing machines, the question of whether that is enough remains. People who have been affected by these faulty products have suffered injuries that have affected their lives immensely. They have lost work for a period of time, experienced property damage and have suffered trauma at the hands of machines that were supposed to make their lives easier. If a defective product such as a smartphone or an appliance has affected you or a loved one in Texas or California you should contact a product liability attorney. Rad Law Firm has a strong team of product liability attorneys who have represented people on a wide range of product liability cases (in Texas and California) and have what it takes to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We conduct a thorough investigation, look at all aspects of your case in order to determine liability for injuries and help you with detailed paperwork.

Companies may issue warnings and recalls however if you have suffered at the hands of a defective gadget you should consider a lawsuit as it can help you get your loss back. Contact Rad Law Firm to talk to our experienced attorneys about your faulty product experience.


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