Halloween Safety Tips

October is here, which means pumpkin spice everything and Halloween. A favorite holiday amongst children and adults alike, Halloween is a fun-filled evening full of costume parties, scary movies, and trick-or-treating. Whether you have young kids, or you are going to a Halloween party with your friends, it’s important to stay safe and be smart about your decisions. If you do have children who will be trick-or-treating, there are a handful of things you should keep in mind before they head out into the night.

However, children aren’t the only ones who must be careful on this late October evening. Many Halloween accidents involve adults, whether those that are driving following a party or simply going about their business. With that in mind, here are nine tips to keep you and your loved ones safe on Halloween:

Tip #1: Always accompany children when trick-or-treating

Tip #2: Agree on a specific time children should return home from trick-or-treating

Tip #3: Teach your children to never enter a stranger’s home

Tip #4: Make sure your child’s costume is fire-resistant and safe

Tip #5: Motorists should watch for children walking on roadways, medians, curbs, and sidewalks

Tip #6: Always enter and exit driveways and alleys with extra precaution

Tip #7: Watch for children in dark clothing, especially at twilight and into the evening

Tip #8: Discourage new or inexperienced drivers from getting behind the wheel on Halloween

Tip #9: Never drive after consuming alcohol

Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Safe Kids Worldwide reports that twice as many child pedestrians are killed on Halloween night compared to any other night of the year. This statistic alone shows just how dangerous this evening can be. An estimated 70 percent of all accidents on Halloween take place away from an intersection or designated crosswalk, which is just one of the reasons why it is so important to talk about safety with your kids. Let’s look at some statistics that show just how dangerous this night can be:

  • An estimated one-third of parents talk to their kids about safety on Halloween
  • Just 18% of parents put reflective tape on their children’s costumes
  • It is reported that 12% of children under the age of 5 are sent out to trick-or-treat without any adult supervision
  • A majority – 63% – of children do not carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating
  • 41 million children trick-or-treat on Halloween every year
  • 70% of parents do not go with their children when trick-or-treating
  • Nearly 4,000 Halloween-related injuries occur every year
  • October ranked No. 2 in motor vehicle deaths (3,700) in 2017, followed only by July (3,830)

These statistics show why it is so important for you to discuss safety with your children on Halloween. If you or a loved one are injured on Halloween, please contact Rad Law Firm right away. Our Dallas personal injury lawyers will take a look at your case and determine what your best options are moving forward.