Summer is here, which means it’s time to get on the water and get those boats out of storage. It’s no surprise that Texas gets hot during the summer, which is why boating is a popular pastime activity. However, it is also important to keep in mind how dangerous boating can be. Every year, countless preventable injuries and fatalities take place on Texas waterways. In order to avoid a dangerous boating accident, it’s important you brush up on safety tips. Even for the more experienced drivers, it is always a good idea to review boating safety rules before setting out. Be sure to go over the main points with all your passengers as well. In doing so, you will be much better prepared for a fun summer on the lake!

Here are a few boating safety tips to help you enjoy your time boating this summer:

  • Wear your life jacket- By Texas law, all children under the age of 13 must wear a life jacket while on a boat at all times. The law also states that adults must have a life jacket on the boat, but they do not have to wear it. However, it is a good idea to wear your life jacket at all times to decrease your risk of injury or an accident.
  • Pay attention to the weather – Be sure to pay attention to the weather before heading out on the boat. Check the forecast before you leave. Stay alert; if you notice any darkening clouds and the winds are picking up, make the cautious decision and prepare to evacuate the waters.
  • Have a pre-departure checklist – It is always a good idea to have a pre-departure checklist in place before heading out on the boat. This is the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything or overlook any safety precautions.
  • Stay hydrated – The hot sun can be deceiving when you are out on the water. Make sure you have plenty of drinking water along for the trip and stay hydrated.
  • Make a float plan – It’s always a good idea to plan out your boat trip before you get on the water. Check the weather, pay attention to how much traffic is on the water, and make sure you have enough fuel. Confirm that everyone else on the trip is informed about your plan (including the location and time duration you will spend on the water).
  • Drink responsibly – If you are operating the boat, don’t drink. The majority of Texas boating accidents are linked to alcohol consumption. Not only is boating while under the influence of alcohol extremely dangerous, but illegal.

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